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Radiology lead sheet

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Soft gray lead metal blue with a freshly fractured silver and white spot. Lead has corrosion resistance and resistance to acids. Lead compounds are very toxic and therefore should be handled with care when handling it in accordance with the recommended health guidelines. Lead can easily be hammered because it has a low hardness and is easily bent or broken. The lead recognition history goes back about 5 years, and has been used as an important metal in various cases ever since.

One of the most important properties of lead is to prevent the passage of radioactive radiation, so lead is used to provide protection against radiation sources including the production of nuclear lead shields, CT scan room lead, radiology room lead, operating room lead, lead lead Kubi Nuclear Centers, Dentistry Imaging Rooms, Dentistry Mammography and more. Used. Lead sheets are produced by cold rolling method.

Lead sheets produce radiology-grade lead of up to 99% purity.

Lead used in lead-based X-ray imaging centers is produced by calculations in thicknesses of 1, 2, 3, 2, 4.4 mm and higher sheets of lead in nuclear medicine departments 1 mm and higher. Used to be based on the amount of lead sheath radiation used. Isolation and lead placement are performed.

In rolls of about 30 kg

And approximate dimensions are 250*70 cm

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