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Zinc Ingots

Zinc ingots and sheets are available at competitive prices from 99.95 to 99.99.
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Zinc is an extremely versatile metal, therefore it plays a fundamental role in industrial activity with countless applications in different sectors. Zinc therefore has a wide range of applications in the transport, infrastructure, consumer goods and food production sectors. In addition, thanks to its longevity, the use of zinc helps to save natural resources and promote sustainability. It should also be noted that zinc can be recovered at the end of its useful life without any loss in its quality or its properties.

The most characteristic application of zinc is the protection of steel against corrosion, the zinc acting as a sacrificial anode.

Zinc Production and Uses

Over 11 million tonnes of zinc are produced each year around the
world. Almost 50% of this production is used for galvanizing steel, that is to say to protect it from corrosion. About 17% is used for the production of brass and 17% for the production of zinc-based alloys, mainly in the die-casting sector.
The qualities of our electrolytic zinc ingots, 99.995% minimum purity, make them the ideal raw material for the following applications :

  • Production of metallic zinc
  • Production of chemicals
  • Additive for the production of inorganic catalysts
  • Fusion. Alloy and casting
  • Cathodic protection, sacrificial anodes
  • Component for welding products
  • Battery compartment. Box manufacturing
  • Manufacture of passivated zinc powder (pure zinc or alloy)
  • Brass manufacturing
  • Manufacture of alloys (castings, galvanization)
  • Hot bath immersion galvanization
  • Electro-galvanization
  • Electro-deposit

About Tehran Metal Market

Tehran Metal Market is a specialized company in the field of preparation, distribution, purchase, sale of various industrial and non-ferrous metals and some chemicals used and consumed in the plating industry. Tehran Metal Market Company has the ability to export zinc ingots. Tehran Metal Market Company can provide the best quality zinc ingots to its customers at a reasonable price. Tehran Metal Market Company, despite years of activity in the field of metals and its experiences, is able to meet the needs of all domestic and international customers to the highest working standard and professionally in long-term and short-term projects. Our goal is to provide the lowest cost and highest quality raw materials to the most advanced producers in the country.

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