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Lead tin ingots

Lead tin ingots

Lead tin ingots, 2% tin ingots and 2% lead ingots in Iran are very economical, and with the analysis sheet from reputable Iranian laboratories such as Razi Laboratories become a high quality and reliable product. And the quality is very high.

This product is at a very reasonable price for the electronics industry and is used in tin tubs and baths, automatic brazing machines and full automatic brazing machines. .

Also, now that the manufacturers are struggling to produce domestically manufactured products, Tehran Metal Market has been able to supply a large part of the product market to meet the domestic demand of the product, and manufacturers of electronic boards have produced a high quality product. And competitive with other foreign products do not need to import this product.

We are now the supplier and contractor of the largest electronic board manufacturing companies

Product NameTin ingot 63%


Lead tin ingots

Iran’s leaded tin ingot is manufactured in 100% high quality according to the standard analysis of STANNOL Germany with Razi Lab quality assurance sheet.

This tin ingot alloy, made for lead tin soldering, is used in electronic board soldering in automatic tin ponds with very low oxidation, which means maximum performance and highest solder quality. (Bridge) or cone formation (minimizing the risk of short circuit) that will minimize the return and breakdown of your solder products.

This tin ingot is made of materials that prevent oxidation.

This advantage allows the use of this type of tin for higher temperatures and is suitable for all types of tin baths. Made in accordance with the Stanol alloy standard, this alloy periodically analyzes the quality of tin produced in its customers’ soldering systems, evaluating its products and ensuring their satisfaction.

Like tin wire, tin ingots are used in various alloys in the electronics industry. These tin ingots, which are of such quality and are manufactured in accordance with Stanol’s standard of analysis, are pure tin metals of Malaysia and pure tin lead in Iran with the highest quality and the required elements to enhance the quality of the product.

These tin ingots are suitable for use in the electronics and soldering industries of electric boards, which are suitable for lead solders.

These tin ingots have achieved this quality by world standards as well as by specific consumer requirements such as reducing waste production and reducing corrosion of copper on board and short-circuit straw. It is also much lower than the similar product imported from Germany, which is very necessary for cost-effective production and lowers production costs.