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Iranian cadmium ingot

Product NameIranian cadmium production
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Description: Cadmium

Iran’s cadmium ingots are manufactured with a purity of 99.9, guaranteeing good quality for electroplating purposes at a much more reasonable price than similar imported  products.

dissolve Cadmium is a shiny silver-white metal. it has hardness and ductility. Cadmium oxidizes in moist air slowly and lost metallic luster, brown when heated oxide layer formed on the surface. Temperature reacted strongly with cadmium and halogens to form halogenated cadmium. Can also be a direct chemical combination with sulfur to produce CDS. Cadmium can be dissolved in acid, but does not dissolve in alkali.

Uses of Cadmium
For industrial and manufacturing alloy of electricity, etc. ;
Can be made to atomic reactors to absorb the neutron stick.
With the high oxidation potential of cadmium, it can be used as iron, steel, copper and the protective film is widely used in electroplating, top and used rechargeable batteries, television picture tube, yellow dye and as a stabilizer.
in plastic. Cadmium compounds are used in insecticides, fungicides, dyes, paints, etc. From the manufacturing industry.

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